The Inside Line #112-113: The summer shutdown


TILI Logo PrintOK, so it’s not summer in Australia; anyone in Melbourne would be acutely aware of that. But it is F1’s annual summer shutdown, where the sport takes a breather for four weeks after, because of the cancellation of the German GP, taking a break for three weeks. It’s a good job the race in Budapest was so compelling, as it’s all we’ve had to talk about for a while.

For the season as a whole, there’s been plenty to discuss. Mercedes being better than the best they were last year. Ferrari surging back to the front thanks in large part to Sebastian Vettel (as an aside, his speech on the in-lap after winning in Hungary where he thanked the team and then made reference to Jules Bianchi in there languages, none of them his native tongue, was pure class, and criminally unreported by an Australian press still doing book promotion pieces dressed up as editorial for his former teammate). Williams, who seem like they’re doing worse than last year and who (statistically) are actually doing better. Red Bull’s freefall, Toro Rosso’s kiddies impressing, McLaren dropping to second-last, and, of course, the dreadful news about Bianchi in July. And lots more.

Over the next two weeks on ‘The Inside Line’, we’re covering off every team and every driver in our mid-season review. Part 1 will focus on the bottom five teams in the constructors’ championship, Part 2 the leading quintet of teams. Check it out in the usual locations.


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