10 observations: Mark Webber/Australian Story

In no particular order:

(1) How much do media types miss Mark’s straight down the line delivery, no BS and the trademark shrug of the shoulders he likes to do when contemplating an answer to a rubbish question? A lot.

(2) Speaking of missing people, Alan Webber in the F1 paddock was a beauty to have around. He was also the one person in the paddock with a handshake more ferocious than his son.

(3) Red Bull threw its weight behind a German driver it had piled loads of money into rather than a veteran who, in his own words, once said his pace had been “inconvenient” for team management. It’s not ‘fair’ or ‘just’ or any of those things, but as much as most Australians (me included) hated it at the time, it was understandable. This is not news.

(4) Mark Webber has a book coming out; this isn’t news either.

(5) Since when did the ABC do cross-promotions for new books anyway?

(6) Having no actual race vision is horrible for those making F1 shows who aren’t rights holders (believe me, I know), but Tom Cruise? Surely there was more footage around than that.

(7) Ann Neal remains as tough, fair and unwavering from the path set by her moral compass as she was when I first had dealings with her a million years ago, and anyone who enjoyed MW’s career should be forever grateful. As determined as they come.

(8) Anyone else find it strange seeing Rusty being interviewed rather than doing the interviewing? I was waiting for a Zeebox cross-promotion (sorry mate, had to get that in).

(9) Reliving Mark’s radio call after winning at the Nurburgring in ’09 was loads of fun. Journos aren’t supposed to lose all composure while at work, but I happily did that day.

(10) I’m still not buying the book.


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