The Inside Line #96: Knowing his place

TILI Logo PrintSo, that didn’t take long, did it? If Lewis Hamilton’s aim was to demoralise and annoy Nico Rosberg in Shanghai last weekend, consider the job well and truly done. Leading every practice session, taking pole, leading every lap of the race and taking fastest lap en route to a win is as emphatic as it gets, and Rosberg’s response after the race smacked of a man who knows the game is up. It’s been a rout in favour of Hamilton since the Rosberg/Spa collision last year; Hamilton clearly has his teammate where he wants him off-track as well as on it, and it’s hard to see that changing any time soon.

A comprehensive review of round three of the season in China is the centrepiece of this week’s episode of ‘The Inside Line’, while we also preview the back-to-back race in Bahrain and, well, not a lot else. Hey, we only have 23 minutes and 45 seconds to fill after all.

Check out Episode 96 of ‘The Inside Line’ on Fox Sports and ESPN in Australia this week, and check local guides to watch elsewhere.



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