In black and white

IMG_0276Let’s be honest, the 20th Australian Grand Prix to be held in Melbourne won’t go down as one of the more riveting races in the history of the GP at Albert Park, but as always it was pleasure to cover it for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, ostensibly on a succinct brief titled ‘Ricciardo watch’, but with scope to spread my wings further. Job lists don’t get a lot better than that.

Thanks to: Spud (and a good feed whenever I see him at Age HQ), Chloe, Foges, Lynchy, Janelle, Darrell and Scott, and others I may have forgotten. Looking forward to year 21 already …

Some links from the weekend:

Why Ricciardo could be a future world champion

Ricciardo 10th in opening practice
Injury clouds season for Fernando Alonso
Engine failure ends day early for Ricciardo

Ricciardo’s lamentable preparation continues
Finding Claire air
The man who shapes Ricciardo
Curbing Ricciardo

Melbourne remains a graveyard for local drivers



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