A wild weekend at Suzuka

It was a Japanese Grand Prix that will be remembered for many reasons – the official passing of the torch at Red Bull Racing from Sebastian Vettel to Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel catching the F1 world on the hop with his decision to quit the team that brought him up for a future at Ferrari, a race held in atrocious conditions that could have/should have been avoided, and more sadly, the accident for Jules Bianchi and its frightening aftermath. Sport becomes completely insignificant when someone’s life is at stake; everyone in F1 has their fingers crossed for Bianchi and his family.

Among the many other things I did in Japan this year, I sat down with Daniel Ricciardo for The Sunday Age, and was on the spot when Vettel caught the sport by surprise with his decision to quit the reigning world champions. Big thanks to Andrew Tate for the coffee and hearing my sales pitch out, and to Chloe Saltau, who had the shoe on the other foot this time …

Linkage below:

Daniel Ricciardo rides the Bull 

Alonso stoush was a defining moment 

Vettel stuns F1 by quitting Red Bull


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