Keeping Track #30: Webber weighs in

webber-rex_2103558bRetired Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber has praised his home Grand Prix as being run better than any other while adding his support to keep the event in Melbourne.

Admitting it will be “bizarre” to not be on the grid in Melbourne next month, Webber told the Australian Grand Prix’s ‘Keeping Track’ podcast that the event at Albert Park is one of the highlights of the Formula One season.

“(Australia) is in the top three – and you’ve got some tough ones to compete against with Monaco and some of the prestigious ones that have been on the calendar for 50 years,” he said.

“(But) it’s certainly an incredible event that’s executed probably the best in the world.”

With the current contract to host the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne coming to an end after the 2015 event, Webber stressed the importance of Australia continuing to “have a seat at the table” in a truly global sport.

“Every year when you look at the calendar and you know you’ve got the (Australian Open) tennis and the Grand Prix, I think that’s a very powerful message and tool for our country internationally,” Webber said.

“We have to embrace these big sporting events where we can, and the extension of the contract is important for those reasons.”

Webber also opened up on Daniel Ricciardo’s chances at Red Bull Racing this season, and spoke of his new challenge with Porsche in the World Endurance Championship.

Listen here – and leave your feedback.


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